New Charltons

Many people think that ever since Charlton officially closed shop in 1986, no more Charlton material appears. That is far from true. Several publishers have published, and continue to publish, reprints of classics Charlton material.


Canadian based Roger Broughton bought up the lion share of Charlton rights and has since published a plethora of material. Furthermore, Broughton also owns the rights to the American Comics Group (ACG), from whose publications he has also reprinted dozens of comics.

The latest news:
As of August 1, 2002, ACG has merged with a Canadian film and a graphic company and has formed Charlton Media Group. The new company, the first to publish under the Charlton imprint in over 15 years, will publish comic books and books bases upon Charlton, ACG and other characters owned by Broughton. These include some well-known characters I wish I could name! But I can tell you that there will be several properties developed for television or movie adaptation, as well as adaptations of popular current characters and longtime favorites.
The comic book line will be upgraded considerably with a mix of color reprints and all-new creator-owned and licensed books. They also have several European Graphic novels in the works. Based upon previous experience, the company will publish comics in several languages, most notably English and French.
The reprint line will be edited by Peter O'Shea. The current ACG line will be kept going for a few months until all plans are finalized.

Avalon Communications
PO Box 34036
Lachine Quebec


DC Comics bought the rights to several Charlton characters, namely the most prominent superheroes (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, JudoMaster, Nightshade, The Question and others), allegedly as a gift to then-editor Dick Giordano.
Not a lot is done with the characters, apart from an occasional guest appearance here and there. In the past, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and The Question had their own continuing series, while Thunderbolt (owned by creator Pete "PAM" Morisi) had a short running series.
Their most recent effort was the six-part The L.A.W. series, which I wasn't too impressed with...


Former Charlton alumnus Bill Black bought the rights to several characters, including Nyoka and some western cowboys. He now regularly publishes their adventures, in titles such as Golden-Age
Men of Mystery and Best of the West, as well as one-shots and specials.