Useful Links
Part I: Charlton related
Charlton-list at
Want to talk with other Charlton enthusiasts? Then this is the place to go!
Mike Zeck's homepage
Mike J. Zeck is today probably best known for his work on Marvel's The Punisher, but he started out as an artist for Charlton. On this site he relates his relationship with Charlton management and there is also a checklist of all his Charlton work.
TwoMorrows published two Charlton specials: Comic Book Artist No.9 (1945 to 1968) and No.12 (1972 to 1983)
The first Charlton theme issue covers the period up to 1968. Loads of interviews are also available on the web, adorned with a selection of artwork. Then the second issue came out, with even more interviews and articles. Again, some interviews are available on the internet.
Scott Shaw!'s Oddball Comics
Funny, thoughtful and mostly, well, odd, Scott Shaw!'s column regularly features Charlton comics, as well as plenty of others.
The Deep Woods
Website created for the exploits of everyone's favorite crimefighter in purple pants, The Phantom! Check out his publishing history not just in the USA, but also in Spain, Israel, Sweden, India, New Zealand and Great Britain!
Charlton Comics
I couldn't bring myself not to include my own website dedicated to Charlton, especially the horror titles of the seventies and sixties. Some back-up information and checklists, loads of graphics (so take your time!) and some personal reminiscenses regarding Charlton. Not always up-to-date, not always accurate, but a whole lot of dedication and fun!

United Comics
T.C. (Tye) Ford was not only a writer/artist at the end of Charlton's run, he was also the editor of an unpublished new material line that was produced in 1986, just before Charlton folded. T.C. is planning to publish some of the material (to which he maintained copyright) in the near future.

CharltonBullseye at
Another Yahoo group of Charlton enthuasiasts, this one tends to emphasize the Charlton Action Heroes and other continuing characters just a tad more.

John Lustig's Last Kiss
John Lustig combines the art of 1960s Charlton romance title First Kiss with new dialogue to create hilarious new stories.
Former Charlton editor and artist Dick Giordano has his own site with loads of pictures and reminiscences, including some about his days at Charllton.
The Art of Don Newton
Barry Keller's excellent tribute site to the late artist.
George Wildman
The former Charlton editor is still hard at work on comics-related material.
Nicola Cuti
Former writer and assistant editor Nick Cuti's website
Bill Pearson
Artist and former Charlton editor Bill Pearson's website.
Part II: Non-Charlton related
The Grand Comic Book Database
Looking for the work of a specific writer or artist? Output of a publisher? Or that one story that sticks out from your childhood? In this database over 60,000 comics books have been indexed, and handy search tools have been created to give you access to these data.
Argo Press
To see other Argo Press publications, visit this site! includes reviews of the best comic books and graphic novels that the industry has to offer from your favorite comic writer/artist.
Jerry Bails' Who's Who of American Comic Books 1928-1999
Legendary fanzine editor Jerry Bails (1933-2006) brings you his magnum opus, a free reference site for thousands of comic book creators.